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Server re-registration

If you have migrated a registered server in Phoenix to a new server(replacement server), either as a part of your hardware refresh cycle or for disaster recovery purposes, you can use the Server re-registration option to replace the existing server with the replacement server in Phoenix.


  1. Log on to the Phoenix Management Console.
  2. On the menu bar, click Protect > Windows/Linux Servers.
  3. Click the File Backup Sets tab.
  4. Click the Server Name column. 
  5. Click More Actions > Re-Register Server.
  6. Download the agent to be installed on the replacement server (This is same as the regular Phoenix agent).



  1. Click Copy to register the replacement server.

Note: The replacement server must be activated with the activation token generated at this stage. Activating with any other activation token will register the replacement server as a new server with Phoenix.

  1. After the agent is installed on the replacement server and it is activated with the token provided in the ‘Re-register server workflow’, replacement server assumes the identity of the existing server in Phoenix system.  Details like server name, agent version, platform of the existing server are replaced with the appropriate details of the replacement server.
  2. The restore points(snapshots) from the existing server can be viewed in the restore wizard of the replacement server and restores can be triggered from the restore wizard of the replacement server.

Note: Re-registration does not restore the non-default configuration parameters that might have been configured for the original server. Administrator must freshly configure these parameters after reactivation.

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