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Mass deployment of inSync Client for AD/LDAP and SCIM users (IMD V2)

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This section provides information about how you can integrate your Active Directory (AD) and SCIM details with your inSync setup to mass deploy inSync Client for multiple users all at once. It explains the end-to-end workflow of mass deploying inSync Client on user laptops. This section also provides information on how you can configure integrated mass deployment (IMD) settings and how you can generate a mass deployment token.

About integrated mass deployment

Integrated mass deployment (IMD) is an end-to-end process that involves the automated deployment of inSync Client in your organization. It includes the automation of inSync Client user creation, and inSync Client activation on user devices. You can leverage IMD if your organization uses Active Directory to manage user access and authentication, and users in your organization use Windows or Mac laptops.

Note: inSync does not support devices in VDI environment.

Before you begin

Before you initiate the deployment of inSync Client for your AD/LDAP or SCIM user-base, ensure that you have completed the AD/LDAP integration process or SCIM integration process with inSync,