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Enable AppConnect for inSync

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When you enable AppConnect for inSync, you can easily push updated configuration and security policies from the MobileIron Server to the inSync for MobileIron app. This ensures that the inSync for MobileIron app is updated without user intervention.

Before you begin

Before you enable AppConnect for inSync, ensure the following:

  • You have a MobileIron account.
  • You have added users on the MobileIron ADMIN PORTAL


To enable AppConnect for inSync

  1. On the MobileIron ADMIN PORTAL primary navigation bar, click SETTINGS.
  2. On the MobileIron ADMIN PORTAL secondary navigation bar, click Preferences.
  3. In the Additional Products area, select the Enable AppConnect for third party and in-house apps check box.
  4. Click Save. The Preferences Settings window appears.
  5. Click OK.
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