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Druva Documentation

Add a file to your favorites

Supported inSync mobile app versions:3.5 or later

When you add files to your favorites, the files are always available to you for offline viewing. You can access these files anytime, anywhere.

If your administrator enabled favorites for you, you can add files to your favorites. You can access these files without internet connectivity.

If your administrator did not enable favorites for you, you cannot add files to your favorites. This scenario is quite possible if your enterprise works with official or confidential files and they do not want their employees to access these files offline.


To add a file to your favorites

  1. On the inSync Mobile App sidebar, in the BACKUP DATA area, tap the device from which you want to view the data.
  2. At the upper right area of the right pane, tapSnapshot.png.
  3. Tap the file that you want to add to your favorites. The file opens in the default app that is configured on your device.
  4. Tapic_preview_open.png.
  5. Tap Mark as Favorite.