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User Provisioning Report


The User Provisioning report provides information about the users provisioned in inSync using the SCIM-based IdPs.

Access Path

On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Reports > User Provisioning Report.


The following table lists the fields in the User Provisioning report.            

Field Description
User Name Displays the user name of the inSync user provisioned using the IdP.
Email Displays the email address of the user.

Label of the User-Identifier Custom Attribute

Note: This label appears only when you have enabled User-Identifier Custom Attribute in the AD/LDAP settings as well as opted to display the User-Identifier Custom Attribute on the Users page.

To learn more, see Configure User-Identifier Custom Attribute.  

The actual User-Identifier Custom Attribute of the user from your registered AD/LDAP.


Profile Displays the name of the profile the user is associated with in inSync.
User Status

Displays the user status in inSync.

Endpoints License Displays the Endpoints license status. For example, active, preserve or -, wherein - represents the unlicensed state.
Microsoft 365 License Displays the Microsoft 365 license status. For example, active, preserve, or -, wherein - represents the unlicensed state.
Google Workspace License Displays the Google Workspace license status. For example, active, preserve, or -, wherein - represents the unlicensed state.
Created On Displays the user account creation date in inSync.
Managed By Displays the name of IdP which is managing the user in inSync.


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