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Create an AWS Access Role


This article provides an overview on linking your AWS account to Druva CloudRanger via an AWS access role. Druva CloudRanger offers an out-of-the-box Quick Setup approach to configure access to your AWS account. The CloudFormation stack allows you to provision the access role for your AWS environment.

This instructional video explains how you can easily set up your IAM access role to grant access permissions to CloudRanger.


Before you begin

Make sure that you are logged into the AWS account for which you wish to configure the Access Role.

Create AWS access role

The following steps describe how to create an IAM access role to grant CloudRanger access to your AWS account.

  1. Log in with your CloudRanger credentials into
  2. Click Get Set Up.

    Setup 1.png
  3. Click Quick Setup to generate the CloudFormation stack.

    Setup 2.png
    Note: Alternatively, you may copy the CloudFormation script onto AWS to manually create the stack and provision the access role for your AWS environment.
    You will be automatically directed to Create stack under the CloudFormation section of your AWS account. The details are pre-populated in the required sections.

  4. Select the I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names check box, and then click Create Stack to generate the CloudFormation stack.
  5. Refresh the stack until the Status reads CREATE_COMPLETE.

  6. Navigate to the Outputs tab and copy the ARN value.


  7. Navigate back to Druva CloudRanger and paste the ARN name into the CloudRanger Role ARN text box.

    Setup ARN.png
  8. Click Create to save the AWS Role.

CloudRanger then initiates a Sync with AWS to synchronize with your AWS environment.

Sync AWS 5.png

Once the synchronization is complete, all resources are highlighted with a green checkmark. This validates that your resources on CloudRanger are now synchronized with your AWS account.

Add new AWS accounts

You can add multiple AWS Accounts and manage them all from an integrated CloudRanger console.

  1. To add a new account, click the Account dropdown menu on your navigation panel, and then click Add account.

  2. The Create Account page is displayed. Follow the same process as when creating your initial AWS Access Role.
Note: You will need to generate a new CloudFormation stack for each AWS Account that you wish to manage on Druva CloudRanger.


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