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Storage Node Details page

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About Storage Node Details page

This page summarizes the parameters that you have defined while creating the selected storage node.

General Information

Manage Storage Nodes General Info.jpg

The following table describes the fields in the General Information area:

Field Description
Storage node name The name of the storage node.
Backup & sync port The port over which users will back up or synchronize data.
User web access port The port over which users can access inSync web.
IP or FQDN Configuration

Displays information on the following:

  • The list of IP addresses or fully qualified domain names required to access the storage node.
  • The type of network. 
  • The primary IP address or FQDN.

Advanced Options

Manage Storage Nodes Advanced Options.jpg

The following table describes the field in the Advanced Option area:

Field Description
Configure edge server Indicates whether edge server is configured on the storage node.
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