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inSync mobile app interface

Supported inSync mobile app versions:3.2.1 or later

This topic describes the various areas of the inSync mobile app screen for Windows devices. 

The following image illustrates the various areas of the inSync mobile app screen.

win_main_menu_1.jpg win_my_devices_2.jpg
win_favorites_3.jpg win_recents_4.jpg win_share_updates_5.jpg

The following table describes various views of the inSync mobile app screen.

View Description
Share Provides quick access to files synced across all your devices, files shared with your collaborators, and files that your collaborators shared with you.
Devices Lists all your devices that inSync backs up. You can access backup data from any of these devices on your mobile device.

Lists all files that you marked as a favorite for offline viewing.

Recents Lists all files that you recently opened.
Updates Lists the recent activities that you or your collaborators performed on your inSync Share content.

inSync mobile app icons on a Windows device

The following table describes the inSync mobile app icons on a Windows device.

Icon Tap this icon to...
win_icon_dots.jpg Open the contextual menu.
docs_windows_Upload.png Upload photos in the inSync Share folder.
docs_windows_edit.png Tap to update content of the file that you open in the inSync Share.
docs_windows_email-send.png Tap to send an email.
docs_windows_refresh.png Update files in the Favorites list.
docs_windows_delete.png Delete files from the Favorites and Recents lists.