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Upgrade from Manage Devices page


This section describes the upgrade options available for inSync Client and information on how to upgrade the inSync Client in your environment from the Manage Devices page using the inSync Management Console.

Supported upgrade method from Manage Device page

Manual upgrade

You can perform a manual upgrade on devices running on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

To perform a manual upgrade of inSync Client, save the installer to a location from where the inSync Client users can download and run the installer. You can share the installer location with your users and instruct the users to perform the following steps based on the operating system running on their respective device.

Operating System Upgrade Instructions


Install the latest inSync Client over the existing inSync Client version.

For more information, see Install and activate the inSync Client.


Install the inSync Client 5.9.5 over the existing inSync Client version.

For more information, see Install and activate the inSync client.


  1. Uninstall the previous version of the inSync Client from your laptop. Do not remove configuration details and the inSync Share folder.
  2. Install inSync Client 5.9.

For more information, see Install and activate the inSync client.

In this method, you have to manually select the upgradable devices for an upgrade.  All upgradable devices have an upgrade UpgradeIcon (1).pngsymbol next to it. On the inSync Management Console, you can either upgrade multiple devices from the Manage Devices page or perform a bulk upgrade from the Client Upgrade page.

To perform a manual upgrade

  1. Log in to the inSync Management Console.
  2. On the menu bar, click  Data Sources > Devices. The Manage Devices page is displayed with a list of devices.
    manual upgrade_main page.png

On the Manage Devices page when you click Upgrade, the inSync Master flags the inSync Client for an upgrade. The upgrade is triggered during the next bulk upgrade cycle of the inSync Client. The bulk upgrade cycle is triggered at an interval of thirty minutes. During the next bulk upgrade cycle, the selected version of the inSync Client is downloaded, then the inSync Client will be upgraded, and finally, the backup will start.

The inSync Client Version column displays the following symbols which, indicate whether the inSync Client can be upgraded:

Symbol Indicates

The Client is upgradable.

The Client has been upgraded successfully.

An upgrade has been scheduled.

The inSync Client is not upgradable if the client is running on a lower version. For more information see About inSync Client upgrade.

This symbol appears for devices on which upgrade cannot be performed.

  1. Select one or more devices on which you want to upgrade the inSync Client UpgradeIcon (1).png  and click Upgrade.
  2. The Upgrade Settings window is displayed. Select the inSync Client version available for your OS from the Select Client Version for Upgrade list.
    upgrade settings new 1.png


  • The device will not be upgraded successfully if the inSync Client is open during the next backup cycle. Once the inSync Client is upgraded to the latest version, a ClientUpgraded_tick icon.png mark is displayed next to the client version in the inSync Client Version column.
  • After the upgrade is completed, you can check the version to confirm the upgrade in the inSync Management console by clicking Data Sources > Devices. Select the device and view its upgrade status in the inSync Client Version column.