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Profile FAQs

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Article deprecated on Nov 6, 2018, after including all the content in  The effort was to create a consolidated FAQs section under Knowledge base.


Why do I need multiple profiles?

You need multiple profiles to manage users across your organization better. For example, you might want to create groups of users, each belonging to a business unit. For each such group, you might need to back up data contained in different folders. You might also want to assign different permissions to different groups. If you create a profile for each such group of users, managing users becomes easy.

The type of user groups depends on your organization and your organization’s policies. We do not recommend how you should group your users; we only recommend a separate profile for each group of users.

Should I create separate profiles for different platforms?

This is not necessary. The need for platform-specific configuration arises only while configuring folders for backup. You can create one profile, and define for backup across Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. The rest of the settings such as backup schedule and compaction policies are common to all platforms.

Can one user be a part of multiple profiles?

No. Each user can belong to only one profile.

Can I move users between profiles?

Yes, you can. When you associate a user with a new profile, the backup settings of the new profile override the settings of the earlier profile. This means that the user’s data is backed up from folders defined in the new profile. Backups across this user’s devices follow the schedule defined for the new profile.

What is the maximum number of devices that a user can add?

inSync setup does not restrict the number of devices that each user can add. You can however, set the maximum number of devices that users of a profile can add. For more information, see Allow users to activate inSync.

Can I rename a Profile?

No. Currently, inSync does not provide you ability to rename a profile.

However, you can can copy the profile and provide this new copy of profile a different name.
You can then also move the users to this new profile.

Can I delete a Profile?

Yes, but only if there are no users associated with the profile.

If there are users mapped to the profile, you must first move these users to a different profile and then you can delete the profile.

Note: Different profiles might have different settings which might affect the user backups. You can use the "Copy Profile" option to create a new profile with the same settings.

Can I delete a Default Profile?

No. You cannot delete a Default Profile.

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Can I backup folders present in a network drive?

No. inSync does not support backing up folders on a network drive.

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Can inSync client users trigger backup during the blackout window?

Yes. Manual backup triggered from the inSync client console overrides the profile schedule and it will trigger a backup.



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