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How to log on to Phoenix Management Console

This article has been deprecated since the login options have changed and it does not describe the current navigation for Phoenix.

As a Phoenix Cloud administrator, you will receive an invitation email when your Phoenix Cloud trial period is activated. This activation email contains the following information:

  • URL to access the Phoenix Cloud Server.
  • Email address and password for the Phoenix administrator account to log on to the Phoenix Master Management Console.

Before you log on to Phoenix Management Console, keep the administrator account credentials that you received in the Phoenix invitation email handy. If you did not receive the invitation email, Contact Druva Support. (


  • Phoenix supports access to the Phoenix Management Console via secure HTTP (HTTPS). 
  • Use your Phoenix administrator account credentials to log on to Phoenix. 
  • If you forget your password, contact a cloud administrator in your organization. After a cloud administrator resets your password, you should receive an email containing the default password that Phoenix sets for you. You can log on to Phoenix Management Console using the auto-generated password, and then change your password.  

Log on to Phoenix cloud

  1. In a Web browser, open:

    Note: For Phoenix GovCloud, open:

  2. Enter your Phoenix administrator account credentials, and click Login.
  3. (File servers and SQL servers) If you are logging on for the first time, click Get Started
  4. (VMware Infrastructure) If you are logging on for the first time, click Register Your VMware Setup.