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Upcoming features with September 18, 2023

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Support for AWS proxy over Ubuntu operating system

In the event of RedHat's announcement of discontinuation of CentOS, Druva will discontinue CentOS-based AWS proxies that will follow Druva’s EOS cycle. Druva will now extend its support to Ubuntu-based AWS proxies that will be used to restore your virtual machines seamlessly in the event of a disaster.

Customer action required

To ensure a smooth disaster recovery process for our VMs, you must manually migrate your AWS proxies from CentOS to Ubuntu by using the CF template. For more information, see Deploying CloudFormation stack template for migrating AWS Proxy from CentOS to Ubuntu.<Article available with the release on September 18>

Note: As per the Druva cloud upgrade process, the new CF template will be available on  Sep 25, 2023. For more information, see Druva Cloud Upgrade Process.

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