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About disaster recovery failback

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Having a brilliant disaster recovery system is one way to ensure that your mission-critical businesses are always protected during an ineluctable disaster. Should your primary infrastructure fail, you have a well-planned failback mechanism that can take care of your data’s safety. And, with the advanced capabilities of Phoenix DRaaS you can not only recover an EC2 instance in your AWS account but also restore the EC2 instance back to your virtualization infrastructure to quickly resume your IT operations in a few hours. Phoenix DRaaS also reduces the need of a managed DR site, onsite hardware, and heavy administration and maintenance. Let’s walk you through the details of how it works.

To address a disaster, Phoenix DRaaS spins up the AWS EC2 instances from the EBS snapshots during failover. The virtual machines in the AWS account are recovered based on the configuration and failover settings specified in the DR plan. Once Phoenix DRaaS addresses the disaster, you can failback the EC2 instances with a single click to an alternate location in your virtualization infrastructure without any data loss. 

Failback workflow

The virtual machines in the vCenter data center are backed up to the Phoenix Cloud. The virtual machine images based on the backup schedule are converted to AWS EBS volumes. The EBS snapshots are kept-at-the-ready inside the customer’s AWS account (Virtual Private Cloud) for immediate spin-up of AWS EC2 instances during a failover.

When you trigger failback, the backup proxy creates a target virtual machine in the virtualization infrastructure. The virtual machine then connects to the failed over EC2 instance and the data is copied to the virtual machine. Phoenix then boots up the virtual machine and launches the target instance. You must configure the virtual machine with the previous backup policy to resume the operations. 

DR Failback Workflow.png

DRaaS failback considerations

Before triggering the failback operation, ensure the following:

  • You must deploy the Phoenix AWS proxy with version 4.8.6 or later, and the backup proxy with version 4.8.6 or later.
  • You have successfully failed over the EC2 instance and the instance is in the running state.
  • You must stop all application services running on the EC2 instance that you want to failback so that no updates to the application are lost during the failback process.
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