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About Hybrid Workloads for SAP HANA


This documentation portal will be retired soon. For the updated article, click here.

Hybrid Workloads for SAP HANA is a backup and recovery solution allowing organizations to back up and restore the mission-critical SAP HANA database securely.

Watch the following video for a quick overview of the solution:


Key Benefits

  • Security: We encrypt backups before storing to Druva Cloud. 
  • Reliability: We SAP HANA Backint API—SAP's reliable interface for backup and restore.
  • Simplicity: Hybrid Workloads for SAP HANA integrates directly with SAP HANA native tools. Continue using tools you already know.
  • Lower Recovery Point Objective (RPO): The backups run without your intervention, allowing you to achieve an aggressive  RPO.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):  Direct-to-cloud backup and restore eliminate the need for intermediate local storage, resulting in a lower TCO.

Other Key features

  • SAP-certified backup and recovery solution.

  • Supports database-level backups by providing the ability to backup SYSTEM DB and tenant databases. 

  • End-to-end visibility into your backup and restore activities and reports 

  • Client-side deduplication, compression, and secure backup with end-to-end encryption

  • Intelligent auto-discovery of nodes and databases

  • We support the following backup types:

    • Full backups
    • Delta backups, including Incremental and differential backups
    • Log backups
    • Catalog backups

Components of Hybrid Workloads for SAP HANA 


  • Druva Cloud: The Druva Cloud manages storage and stores backup data.

  • Management Console: A web-based, unified console that provides important insights. Using the console, you can:

    • Deploy agent and register SAP HANA Server hosts

    • Discover and authenticate databases

    • Monitor backup and restore jobs and gain insights into the analytics

  • Hybrid Workloads agent: A client-side component that implements the SAP HANA Backint APIs. Install on each server for backup and restore