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Data Lock FAQs

License editions: To understand the applicable license editions, see Plans & Pricing.

The following section lists the frequently asked questions related to Data Lock.

  • What licenses offer the Data Lock feature?
    Elite and Enterprise customers will have a Data Lock option by default. They can enable Data Lock. Business SKUs can purchase it separately. Only cloud administrators can enable the Data Lock feature.

  • Will Data Lock impact the storage consumption of my data?
    Enabling Data Lock will not impact storage consumption.

  • Can I manually delete Data Lock-enabled entities?
    No, once you enable Data Lock for the site, you cannot manually delete an entity, such as SharePoint site, Public Folder, Shared Drives, Teams, or Groups.

  • Can I update the retention of the Data Lock-enabled policy?
    No changes are allowed to the retention period once you enable Data Lock. 

  • Is Data Lock feature a paid, add-on, or a core offering?
    Data Lock is an Add-on offer.

  • Does the Data Lock feature override the settings for the Auto delete preserved users field?  
    Yes, the Data Lock feature overrides the settings for the Auto delete preserved users field. After enabling Data Lock for the profile, you cannot delete devices, users, and snapshots for that profile.

  • Can I change the active user to preserved user with the Data Lock enabled profile?
    Yes, you can move the active user to preserved user with the data-lock-enabled profile.
  • Can I change the backup frequency if I enable Data Lock feature?
    Yes, you can change the backup frequency of the data-lock-enabled profile.
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