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Release Notes - inSync GovCloud

July 08, 2023

SaaS Apps

Customer action required: None.

New Feature

Refreshed Profile User Interface

The Profiles user interface is now refreshed to make the experience seamless and easy. 
Here are the key enhancements:

Profile Listing Page

  • Refreshed Profile listing page to give a consolidated view of all the configured workloads
  • Search capability and filtering option for quick navigation, making it easier to manage Profiles
  • Export profile configuration to CSV option for quick reference

Create and Update Profile

  • The create and Update profile workflow is enhanced and has the relevant backup configuration settings grouped together for easy configuration
 ►Here is a glimpse

For more information, see Create and Manage Profiles for SaaS Apps and Endpoints.


Graph APIs for SharePoint Online

Druva has started migrating to Microsoft Graph APIs v1.0 to back up data for SharePoint Online.

If you are using Druva to protect your Microsoft 365 data, you need to switch to the new APIs to:

  • Avail the new product features in SharePoint Online - New features will be released only on the Graph API.
  • Optimize the performance of SharePoint Online incremental backups.

Action Required: To switch to the new Graph APIs, Reconfigure the app that you are using and approve the permissions. If you have configured any auxiliary apps for SharePoint Online, you must reconfigure all of them.

Simplified onboarding for Microsoft 365

To improve customer experience, we have reduced and simplified the steps required to configure Microsoft 365 apps for data protection. The new configuration wizard enables you to protect your Microsoft 365 data seamlessly right from tenant authorization to backup configuration.

The new wizard has the following settings configured by default.

  • KMS is enabled
  • Azure AD user deployment method is selected
  • SaaS Apps is enabled in the default profile

Additionally, it offers you the flexibility to change these settings later.

For more information, see Onboarding Guide.

Customer action required: None

►Here is a quick preview of the new onboarding experience.

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Restore and download complete mailbox

Now, you can restore or download the entire mailbox in a single click in addition to restoring or downloading each mailbox item individually. We have also added the capability to download the entire mailbox in Archive format. After you trigger the download, the mailbox is downloaded in Operating System friendly archive format.

Here is a glimpse of the update

For more information, see Restore Exchange Online data and Restore Gmail data.

Retain backup data for up to 360 months

You now have an option to configure retention period of up to 360 months for backed up Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace data and meet regulatory requirements for data compliance.

For more information, see Configure the Backup Retention Policy.

Customer action required: None.


New Feature

Share Preserved users' device data with active users

You can now share the preserved users' device data with active users. With this capability, the active users can access the device data of the preserved user and ensure business continuity when a user leaves the organization.

Customer action required: None

Here is a Glimpse

For more information, see Share Device Data.

Edit GUID for users

You can now edit GUID (Globally Unique IDentifier) attribute for inSync users.

GUID attribute can be updated for :

  • Users provisioned in inSync through AD/LDAP - To enable correction of mismatch in GUID in inSync and AD/LDAP server.

  • Users added manually to inSync - To sync manually added users with AD/LDAP directory.

Note: You can update the GUID attribute only for users who are:

  • Provisioned through AD/LDAP mapping

  • Added manually, provided the provisioning method in inSync settings is set as AD/LDAP

For more information, see Edit GUID attribute for Users.


Disable account activation mail

You can now disable the account activation email sent to users while adding them manually. By selecting the option, users will not receive an account activation mail and login credentials for End User web portal.

►Here is a glimpse

Customer action required: None

Find Device Mapping using Search 

You can now search for device mappings by providing the device name or device-Id to retrieve the required information.

►Here is a glimpse

Cloud Platform

New Feature

Refreshed Druva Cloud Platform Dashboard

Based on your feedback, the Druva Cloud Platform Dashboard is refreshed to provide a consolidated and workload-centric view of the Druva Cloud Platform.  You now get a holistic status of the health of your data protection ecosystem.  The view of the dashboard is tailored as per your role and licensed services. 

For more information, see Introduction to Druva Cloud Platform Dashboard.

►Here is a glimpse
Refreshed Druva Cloud Platform Dashboard.png

Following are some of the key enhancements: 

Enhancement Description

Updated Global Left Navigation 

Access all your licensed workloads and services. 

From the All Services section, get a complete view of all the services Druva offers.

Access all the platform administration tasks.

Note: The Services card from the old dashboard is merged into the global left navigation.

Data Protection Summary 

You can view all the resources protected for a workload and the last backup status. 

You can navigate to the specific workload interfaces with filters applied.

You can also monitor the license or credit consumption. 

Security and Compliance Summary 

Get a consolidated view of Security and Compliance activities with the following cards:

  • Sensitive Data Governance: Count of active violations and non-complaints users. 
  • Ransomware Recovery: Count of curated snapshots and quarantined resources.

With this information, get an insight into how resilient your data protection ecosystem is. 

Critical Alerts 

At a glance, know the critical alerts that need your attention.

Backup Data Trend 

You can analyze backup data growth trends for the last 90 days.

Login details in the user profile

View the login date and time and the IP address from which the login occurred. This information can help detect and prevent unauthorized access. 


View cost reduction rates on the Account Details page

For Hybrid Workloads, from the Account Details page, you can now find information about the cost reduction rate you have availed with the Long-Term Retention and Archive capabilities.

Note: Long-Term Retention and Archive capabilities are available only with Elite and Enterprise license editions.

For more information, see Account Details.

►Here’s a glimpse
Data Protection Report.png

Filters for API credentials list

You can now filter API credentials based on the following:

  • Role

  • Modified By

  • Last Accessed before

To strengthen your security, using the Last Accessed Before filter, you can audit when the API credentials were last accessed.

For more information, see  Filters for API credentials list.

►Here’s a glimpse
Data Protection Report.png

Filter administrators based on the last login

You can now filter administrators based on the following:

  • Product 

  • Last Login Before 

Using these filters, you can monitor and audit the administrators’ last login before a specified duration. 

For more information, see Filter Administrators based on the last login.

►Here’s a glimpse
Data Protection Report.png

Data Governance

New Feature

Sensitive Data Governance (SDG): Introducing listing APIs

You can now use the following list APIs to create your own custom reports for file and email violations.

  • List Data Types: Provides details of all the available data types

  • List SDG policy templates: Provides details of all the available SDG policy templates created

  • List SDG policies: Provides details of all the configured SDG policies

  • List whitelisted keywords: Provides details of all the whitelisted keywords

  • List  SDG settings: Provides details of all the SDG settings configured

  • List file violations: Provides details of all the file violations

  • List email violations: Provides details of all the email violations

For more information, see Developer Portal.

Customer action required: None.


Data Governance: eDiscovery Download client v2.0.2 update for inSync Cloud

An updated v2.0.2 for eDiscovery Download Client is now available with minor security enhancements.

Customer Action Required: Upgrade to eDiscovery Download Client v2.0.2 from the Downloads page.

For more information, see

Federated Search: Keep track of Federated Search actions

Druva logs all administrators' actions in the Admin Audit Trail for Delete and Quarantine. Now, we extend this capability to actions taken by administrators from Federated Search for the following:

  • File Search

  • Email Search

  • File Search Results sent via email

  • Email Search Result sent via email

  • Download search result (file/email)

This helps administrators keep track of the status of the action, such as successful or failed, and assists Infosec and Data Compliance administrators during audits and data investigations.

Here is a glimpse of the update

For more information, see,

Customer action required: None.

April 21, 2023


Support for macOS Ventura 13 with inSync Client v7.1.0

Now experience seamless endpoint data protection for macOS Ventura 13.  Druva has qualified the inSync Client  v7.1.0 on macOS Ventura 13. 

Customer Action: Upgrade to inSync Client  v7.1.0. For upgrade instructions, see Upgrade inSync Client.

Note: If you are already using inSync Client  v7.1.0, no action is required.

For details on prerequisites for installation, see hardware and software requirements.

Download the inSync Client  v7.1.0 here.

For more details, contact Support.

April 18, 2023

New Feature

API to Download Authkey (to replace/add new device)

You can now use the Download Authkey API to replace or add a new device. For more information, see Download Authkey API
Customer action required: None.

March 11, 2023

SaaS Apps


Microsoft 365

Support of Public Folder to all the regions supported by Druva

You can now backup Public Folder data to all the regions supported by Druva.

Note: This enhancement is available with Enterprise and Elite editions.

Customer action required: None


New Feature

Simplified inSync Client mass deployment with new Mass Deployment wizard

You can now mass deploy inSync Client on user devices with the help of new automated Mass Deployment wizard from the Endpoints console. The wizard provides a single interface to auto-generate IMD (Integrated Mass Deployment) commands for different directory service environments, thus reducing your time and effort. 

Here is a Glimpse

Customer action required: None

For more information, see Integrated mass deployment.


New Endpoint APIs

The following APIs are now available:

  • Get admin audit trail retention settings - To get the duration that your Druva Cloud Administrator has configured to retain the Audit Trails.
  • List all AD/LDAP Connectors - To list all configured AD/LDAP Connectors in your environment and monitor their status.

For more information, see the Developer portal.

Cloud platform

New Feature

Support for Authenticator App-based Multifactor Authentication

You can now configure Authenticator App-based Multifactor Authentication for secured administrator login.
The following Authenticator Apps are certified by Druva:

  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • Google Authenticator
  • Authy
  • Duo
  • LastPass
  • Symantec VIP
Here is a glimpse of the update

For more information, see  Configure Multifactor Authentication.

Data Governance

New Feature

eDiscovery: New eDiscovery Download Client v2.0.1 for GovCloud 

The new version includes a more enhanced way of registering clients called token-based registration. This method uses tokens, which are unique, randomly generated strings of characters, to authenticate clients and verify that the requests are coming from a legitimate eDiscovery Download Client. 

You can now download and install the latest v2.0.1 eDiscovery Download Client version for Windows and macOS from the Downloads page.

►Here is a glimpse

Customer action required:

  • New client registrations will now have to provide tokens as input instead of client ID and secret ID

  • Existing clients, if in a disconnected state, will now require tokens as inputs to re-register

  • It is recommended that you whitelist the following global URL for the public cloud to establish a connection between the client and server:

For more information, see 

Fixed Issues


Issue Description


SharePoint Online: Fetching list item attachments for App catalog sites results in an error because the Attachments column is not present in the list.


SharePoint Online: Fixed an issue wherein you are unable to auto-discover sites.


SharePoint Online: Fixed an issue wherein deleted sites appear in the discovered sites list.


SharePoint Online: Fixed an issue wherein the site is not discovered when the search is disabled.


SharePoint Online: Fixed an issue wherein on-premise sites appear in the discovered sites list.

February 06, 2023


inSync Client 5.9.5 for Linux (RHEL and Ubuntu)

inSync Client v5.9.5 is now available for Linux operating systems with infrastructure enhancements and minor bug fixes.

Support for Ubuntu 22.04 operating system 

inSync Client v5.9.5 now supports Ubuntu 22.04 operating system to experience seamless endpoint data protection.


Deprecation of Ubuntu 16.04 Operating System

Support for Ubuntu 16.04 operating system is discontinued. As a result, you will not be able to backup and restore data on devices running on Ubuntu 16.04 operating system.



Operating System


Revision number

  • 8.5 (64-bit)

  • 8.4 (64-bit)

  • 22.04 (64 bit)

  • 20.04 (64-bit)

  • 18.04 (64-bit)


January 05, 2023


AD/LDAP Connector v6.1.1 patch update 

AD/LDAP Connector v6.1.1 patch is now available for GovCloud. The version is  FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) compliant and has minor bug fixes.

Customer action required: Upgrade to AD/LDAP connector v6.1.1




Revision Details

AD/LDAP connector v6.1.1


Download the latest AD/LDAP connector here. 

For more details, contact Support.

Archived release notes  

For release notes of previous cloud updates, see Archived Release Notes.



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