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Backup Slack data

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As an inSync Cloud administrator, you can schedule either automatic backups or perform an on-demand backup which is manual.

  • Schedule automatic discovery of Slack, backup, and data retention policies
  • Manual backup of Slack data

 For more information about the Slack data backed up by inSync, see Data backed up by inSync for Slack.

Before you begin

Before you initiate a backup operation for Slack app data, ensure the following:

Schedule automatic backup and data retention policies for Slack

You can schedule an automatic backup of Slack while configuring Slack. For more information, see Configure inSync to protect Slack.

On-demand or manual backup of Slack data

As an inSync Cloud administrator, you can start an unscheduled backup of Slack as and when necessary.

Perform the following steps to initiate a manual backup for a specific Slack Org ID.

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar,  click the Left_Navigation_Bar_Hamburger_Icon.png icon to access the global navigation panel.
  2. Click SaaS Apps.
  3. Click Slack. The Organizations' page which lists all the added Slack Organizations appears. 
  4. To initiate a backup of the required Slack Org, click the Org ID. Ensure that the App status for the selected Slack Org ID is in Connected state.
  5. On the Summary tab, click Ellipsis icon.png and then click Backup Now to trigger the backup.

Slack_Backup_summary_March 20.png

After the backup activity is completed, the Backup Status on the Summary page will change to Backed Up Successfully. You can view the restore points or the point in time snapshots of Slack using the Backups tab.


  • Due to Slack API limitation, a snapshot created after incremental backup shows previous snapshot data in snapshots if the org data is deleted using the and discovery.file.delete APIs.
  • Due to Slack API limitation, the edits made to the files from Slack are not backed up.
    For example, there is a file - test.csv uploaded in a Slack Org channel. You add this Org in inSync and initiate a backup of the Org. Now, you edit the file, i.e. add or delete some data or rename the file to test_users.csv. Take a backup of this Org again. The backed up content continues to have the old file name and the old data.

View backup details

Summary tab

This page gives you a complete status of data that inSync is backing up from Slack Orgs.

Backup Summary

The following table lists the fields in the Backup Summary area.

Field Description
Last Completed Backup  The number of days from the last completed backup. 
Last Backup Status The amount of data backed up during the last completed backup. 
Last Backup data The status of the last backup displayed as Backed Up Successfully, or Backup Failed, or Never Backed Up. 
Total Backup data The total amount of data backed up by inSync for the Org ID to date.

Storage Consumption


The storage consumption section shows how the storage consumption for Slack Org has changed over the last 90 days. When you hover the mouse pointer over a particular place in the chart, you can see the storage consumed on a day. 

Org Details

The following table lists the fields in the Org Details section.

Field Description
Org Name The name of the Org.
Org ID The unique ID associated with the Org.
Org Domain URL The domain name of the web address of the Org URL.

App Status

The current status of the Slack Org. 

Added for Backup on The date and time on which the Org was added to inSync. 
Users The total number of Slack users.
Users on Legal Hold The total number of insync users on Legal Hold.
Workspaces The total number of workspaces within the Slack Org.
Public Channels The total number of public channels within the Slack Org.
Private Channels The total number of private channels within the Slack Org.
Shared Channels The total number of shared channels within the Slack Org.

Backup Settings

By default, the backup and retention criteria for Org backup settings are set to the Auto Configuration settings.

  • Click the Edit button to customize the Org backup settings. 

The following table lists the fields in the Site Settings section.

Field Description
Backup Frequency The frequency of backup. 
Storage The assigned storage region. 
Retention The duration for retaining the backed up Slack data. By default, Data retention is set to unlimited. It is not editable.
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