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Introduction to inSync for Slack

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There’s a massive increase in the adoption of collaboration applications such as Slack for better communication and collaboration within the enterprise world. This, in turn, brings in a pressing need to provide a best in class SaaS product for enterprises to protect and enable an eDiscovery for Slack to reduce associated risk and cost of eDiscovery.

Let’s take a look at a few examples where you may need to protect and access Slack data for eDiscovery:

  • A company receives a report of harassment or theft of trade secrets and needs to conduct a workplace investigation.

  • A financial services company is required by a regulation to archive certain communications for a set period of time.

  • A court order mandates information from Slack must be disclosed due to a lawsuit or investigation.

  • A former employee requests to be provided with a copy of the information their former employer retained about them, as required by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

inSync now provides you with a solution to:

  • Protect Slack data: Collect and backup Slack data for an individual custodian or multiple custodians for eDiscovery on a specific matter.

  • Access Slack data: Download the Slack data at Org, Workspace, and User level.

  • Enable eDiscovery for Slack data: Place Slack users' on Legal Hold, thereby reducing the amount of time that IT personnel spend manually collecting and managing data. You can then access the user's data from Slack by using WebDAV

Before we begin delving deeper into the inSync data protection solution for Slack, you need to gather some information about the following:


Slack overview

Slack documentation

Slack data that inSync protects Data backed up by inSync for Slack

Supported Slack editions that inSync supports

Supported Slack Editions

Required permissions for access to Slack


Required permissions for access to Slack

Required roles for access to Slack Required roles for access to Slack

Data backed up by inSync for Slack Edit section

Let's take a look at the Slack data that can be backed up using inSync:

  1. Slack Workspace metadata

    • Org ID

    • Org name

    • Workspace ID

    • Workspace name

    • Workspace description

    • Workspace domain details

    • Workspace creation date

    • Sync type of Workspace: Archived or deleted

  2. Slack Channel Metadata

    • Channel Type

    • Channel Privacy Setting

    • Channel Creation Date

    • User IDs associated in a channel with date and time of association

  3. Slack Message metadata

    • Message creation date and time

    • Message edit and deletion date and time

    • Users who created or sent the message

    • Reply count for the message

    • User(s) who replied to message

    • Channel (Public, private, and shared) on which the message was sent (Direct Messages - DMs and group DMs or multi-person Direct Messages)

    • Files attached in the message

    • Interactive attachments in a message

    • Thread ID

    • Thread name

    • Type of thread

  4. Slack Data

    • Direct Messages (DMs)

    • Multi-Person Direct Messages (group DMs)

    • Public channels

    • Private channels

    • Shared Channels

    • Attachments (as a separate folder in native format)

    • Snippets and posts

    • GIFs

    • Edit and deletion logs (if enabled on Slack Enterprise)

Supported Slack Editions

inSync supports the following Slack editions:

  • Slack Enterprise Grid

Note: inSync does not support Standard and Plus Slack editions because for these editions, data cannot be accessed and backed up by an administrator without user's consent. For Enterprise Grid edition, Slack does not have such limitations - administrator can access and back up Slack data without user's consent.

Required permissions for access to Slack

inSync requires the following permissions to access and protect Slack data:

  • Content and info about you

    • View information about your identity

  • Administer Slack for your organization

    • View all of your organization’s messages (including all private channels and direct messages), as well as your organization’s files

Required roles for access to Slack

You may require the following roles for access to Slack:

  • inSync Cloud administrator

  • Legal administrator

To learn more about the type of administrator roles and their functions, see administrator roles.

To learn more about how to connect and configure inSync to protect and access Slack data, see Configure inSync to protect Slack data.

As a inSync Cloud administrator, you can collect, preserve, and download Slack users’ data which includes:

  • Data Collection: Scheduled and on-demand backup of Slack user data.

  • Data preservation: Preserve Slack user data for an unlimited period.

Note: Druva will be providing retention policy in future.

  • Download: Download the Slack Org data.

As an inSync Cloud administrator and Legal administrator, you can enable eDiscovery for Slack data which includes:

  • Create a Legal Hold policy for specific litigation matter to preserve the Slack user's backed up data and avoid data deletion. To create a Legal Hold policy, see Create a Legal Hold policy.

  • Access the user's data from SaaS Apps by using WebDAV. For more information, see Access Legal Hold data using WebDAV .

Supported inSync tasks for Slack

The following table displays the various tasks that you can perform for Slack using inSync:


Backup of data

Download of data by inSync Cloud administrator

Add inSync users for Legal Hold

Download data of user's on Legal Hold using Direct Download utility

Workflow to protect your organizations’ Slack users’ data and enable eDiscovery for the protected data

The following table provides a bird’s eye view of the workflow to protect your organizations’ Slack users’ data and make it available for litigation purposes.






inSync Cloud administrator


Step 1: Set-up inSync to protect Slack


Configure inSync to protect Slack

inSync Cloud administrator

Step 2: Set-up a backup frequency to create backup snapshots or restore points (RPO) with Slack metadata and data within its channel

Note: Assigning storage is mandatory.


Backup Slack data

inSync Cloud administrator

Step 3: Download Slack data

Download Slack data

inSync Cloud administrator and Legal administrator

Step 4: Enable eDiscovery 

Data Governance and Legal Hold

That’s it! Now, inSync takes care of protecting your Slack data.

The next question that may come to your mind is: How do I monitor backup and download activities or tasks that I have performed using inSync.We have a solution to this too! For more details, see Monitor Slack.

In this article, we touched upon the essence of this feature and sought to give you a glance into how it works. Read on to get more insight and information about protecting your Slack data.

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