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About Azure AD Integration user deployment

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You can use Azure AD Integration user deployment to manage and import  Users and Shared Mailbox users.


Azure Active Directory (AD) is Microsoft's cloud-based identity and access management service. For more information, see Azure AD.

As an administrator, you can use Azure AD to automate user provisioning between your existing Windows Server AD and your Microsoft 365 app.

If your organization is using Azure AD to store user details, you can integrate your Azure AD with inSync to create inSync users. All you need to do is import user details from your Azure AD instead of creating users individually.

Benefits of Azure AD integration

  • Provides a seamless experience without adding the SCIM app in Azure AD.

  • Allows easy management of Microsoft 365 users wherein, administrators can:

Workflow to manage Microsoft 365 users

Step 1Configure inSync to use Azure AD for user management for Microsoft 365

Step 2: Create Azure AD mapping

Step 3: Import and add Microsoft 365 users using Azure AD Integration

Step 4:  (Optional) Define priority for Azure AD mapping

In this article, we touched upon the essence of this feature and sought to give you a glance into how it works. Read on to get more insight and information.

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