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Storage Details Page

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This page gives an in-depth analysis of the selected storage. 

Note: You cannot view details of organization-level storage.

Access path 

  1. On the Endpoints/SaaS Apps page, click settingwheel1.jpg > Storage.
  2. Click the storage name for which you want to view the details.


This page lists the storage details under the following sections:


The following table lists the fields in the Summary area

Field Description
Name The name of the storage.
Region The geographical location of the storage where users back up the data. 
Infrastructure The storage infrastructure that you use, that is, AWS.
Provisioned Users The total number of users associated with the storage.

The health state of the storage. The values displayed are Healthy and Unhealthy.

  • Healthy - When the storage is ready for backup.
  • Unhealthy - When the storage is not ready for backup.

Storage Used

The amount of storage consumed.

NoteIncludes data backed up from Endpoints and SaaS Apps users.

Avg. Usage per user

The average amount of storage consumed per user.

Usage Growth

Usage Growth displays the storage consumption over the last 30 days. Hover your mouse on the graph to see the storage consumed on a specific date.


The following table lists the fields in the Usage Growth area.

Field Description
Share Data The amount of data backed up for the inSync Share folders of the users’ devices.
Backup Data The amount of data backed up for the backup folders of the users' devices and SaaS Apps.
Storage growth in last 30 days The amount of data that has changed in the storage during the last 30 days.
Additional Data

The amount of data that is backed up as a part of Additional Data Collection.

Note: If Additional Data Collection is enabled, the cloud administrator can view the Additional Data field. To enable Additional Data Collection, reach out to Support.

Usage by Profile

The Usage by Profile area displays the top 5 profiles that have backed up the maximum data. Hover your mouse on each profile to view the storage usage.



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