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Manage Profiles page

License editions: To understand the applicable license editions, see Plans & Pricing.


This page lists all the profiles with their configuration settings in a tabular format.   

Access Path

On the inSync Management Console, click Profiles. The Manage Profiles page appears.


The following table lists the fields in the Details area.
Field Description
Profile Name
The name of the profile.

After the profile is enabled with the Data Lock feature, you will see the data_lock_enabled.png icon next to the profile. When you hover over the icon, a message will appear stating Data Lock is enabled for Endpoints.

For more information, see Data Lock.​

# Users The number of users associated with the profile and the maximum number of users that can be associated with the profile. For example, 1/5 indicates that only 1 user is associated with the profile with which you can associate 5 users. 
# Devices
The number of devices belonging to the users associated with the profile.
# SaaS Apps The number of SaaS applications belonging to the users associated with the profile.
Avg. Data Per User
The average data backed up for all users of a profile.
Note: The count includes data backed up from SaaS Apps.


Indicates if data loss protection (DLP) is activated for the profile.
Mobile Backup Indicates if mobile backup is enabled for a profile. If you set this field to "Optional", users can choose to backup data from their mobile devices after installing the Druva Mobile App.

For more information, see create and manage profiles.

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