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Manage Devices Page

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This page lists all the devices on which inSync Client is installed, OS details, device status details, backup status of inSync Client, and current inSync Client version.

Search User Device

You can search for a user device by typing the user name or email address in the Search box located at the top-right corner of the Manage Devices page.


Access Path

On the inSync Management Console, click Devices. The Manage Devices page appears.

Filter Devices

You can filter devices by selecting a Profile and Backup Status from the drop-down lists. 

filters new.png

Manage Devices

The following table lists the fields in the Manage Devices area.

Field Description
Device Name

The name of the device. 

inSync checks the hostname in every backup cycle. If the host name of the device gets changed, it will automatically get updated in inSync.

Device OS The name, version, and platform details of the OS running on the user device.
User Name The name of the user.
Device Status

The status of the device.

Following symbols are displayed adjacent to the status of the device, based on their configuration.

Symbol Description
The device is on Legal Hold. For more information, see About Legal Hold.
Persona backup is configured for the device. For more information, see About Persona Backup.
Last Completed Backup The date and time when data was last backed up from the device.
Last Backup Status The last backup status of the device.
inSync Client Version The version of inSync Client installed on the device.


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