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The log files are used to analyze and troubleshoot the issues that you might encounter while performing a task. For assistance in resolving your issues, you can share the log files with the Druva Support team.

Note: Process logs are only available for backup and restore jobs.

Request log files

This section describes how to request for log files. Detailed logs for jobs are available for Phoenix client version 3.4 and later and GovCloud client version 4.0 and later.

The detailed logs include the following logs:

Common logs for Window, Linux, and backup proxy Window logs Linux logs Backup proxy logs
Phoenix Config Window event/Application logs Dmesg logs VMware logs
Agent-specific Logs VSS information System information  
Client Framework logs      

The procedure varies depending on the Phoenix client version you are using. If a job is executed with Phoenix client version 3.4 to 4.5, then the Request Server Logs option will fetch the consolidated job logs available for that server. However, if a job is executed with Phoenix client version 4.6 and later, the Request Job Logs option will fetch logs only for that particular job. You can request job logs within 30 days of triggering the job. You must download the requested logs within 7 days of triggering the request.

Note: If you execute a job on Phoenix client 4.5 or earlier and then upgrade Phoenix client to version 4.6 or later before downloading the logs, you will see the Request Job Logs option on the Detailed Logs tab of the Job Details page. However, clicking this button will still fetch the server logs for the job executed before the client upgrade.


  1. Log on to Phoenix Management Console. 
  2. On the menu bar, click Jobs.
  3. Click the Job ID, for which you want to request logs.
  4. Under the Detailed Logs tab, do one of the following:
    • For Phoenix client version 3.4 to 4.5, click Request Server Logs.
      Server Logs
    • For Phoenix client version 4.6 and later, click Request Job Logs.
      Server Details Logs

Note: If the backup proxy or cloud proxy on which the log exists is deleted or not reachable, you may see the following error:

Error Message

  1. Phoenix creates a new Job ID with the Job Type as Log Request.

After requesting for detailed logs, you can download the logs using one of the following methods:

Download log files from the Detailed Logs tab

  1. Log on to Phoenix Management Console. 
  2. On the menu bar, click Jobs.
  3. Click on the Job ID, for which you have requested the logs.
  4. Under the Detailed Logs tab, click the download Download icon.
  5. Save the downloaded logs to the desired location.

Download log files from the Log Request Job ID

  1. Log on to Phoenix Management Console. 
  2. On the menu bar, click Jobs.
  3. From the displayed list, click on the log request Job ID.
  4. On the Job Details screen, click the download Download icon.
  5. Save the downloaded logs to the desired location.

 By default, Phoenix displays the timestamps for each task following the administrator time zone. If you set a time zone at the time of updating your account details, the timestamps follow this changed time zone. The detailed logs and client logs follow the backup proxy time zone.

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