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Backup retry


With the Backup Retry option, you can specify the number of times you want Phoenix to retry a failed scheduled backup job. By default, Phoenix sets the Automatic Retry field to 2 with a 10-minute interval between the two attempts. However, you can change the number of retries while configuring or reconfiguring the backup policy. The maximum number of retry attempts allowed is 99, and the maximum interval between each two retry attempts can be 1440 minutes.

The Backup Retry feature ensures the following:

  • Higher backup success rate, if a backup is failing due to transient issues in your environment. 
  • Optimum utilization of the scheduled window.

 The backup retry for a job is performed only if a job fails. Phoenix does not perform backup retry for jobs that have successfully finished but with errors. 

Note: An automatic job retry is not triggered for a manually triggered job.


Review the following for the Backup Retry feature.

  • During an ongoing job, you can disable the Automatic Retry option while a backup job is in progress. The change will take effect only after the current backup retry cycle is complete. However, you can enable the Automatic Retry option during an ongoing job.
  • During an ongoing job, you can reduce the number of retry attempts lower than the ongoing attempt. The change will take effect only after the current backup retry cycle is complete.
    For example, if you set the Automatic Retry option to 5 and the third attempt is in progress. Now if you change the number of the Automatic Retry attempts from 5 to 4 the change will take effect immediately. However, if you change the number of attempts from 5 to 3 or less, the change will take effect from the next cycle because Phoenix already makes 2 attempts and the third is in progress.
  • Any change made to the wait interval time is reflected only if the above two conditions are met.
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