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View jobs page

The Jobs page lists all the backup and restore jobs that Phoenix is performing, or performed. The job history is retained for 90 days.

Access Path

  1. Log on to Phoenix Management Console. 
  2. On the menu bar, click All Organizations, and select the required organization from the drop-down list.
  3. On the menu bar, click Jobs.
    The Jobs page opens with a list of jobs.


Field Description

The following table lists the fields on the Jobs page.



Job ID A unique identification number associated with the job.
Job Type The type of job operation, such as Backup, Restore, Log Request, Defreeze, and DR Restore.
Server Name The name of the server or virtual machine on which an operation is initiated.
Backup Policy Type The type of backup policy that is associated with the server or virtual machine, such as File Server, MS SQL Server, or VMware.
Start Time The time when the job operation starts.
End Time The time when the job operations completes.


The status of the triggered job, for more information about the various job statuses, see Job Status.

Server Name or FQDN or Hostname Type the File server or MS SQL server name, or the ESXi FQDN or hostname in the search bar to display the corresponding list of jobs. 


The following table lists the actions on the Jobs page.

Action Description
Last updated on  Displays the date and timestamp when the job list was last refreshed. Click the  refresh icon to manually refresh the job list.
Job Type Click the Job Type filter, and select the required filter option to display jobs based on the job type. For more information about the Job Type filter options, see Job Type filter.
Status Click the Status filter, and select the required filter option to display jobs based on their statuses. For more information about the Status filter options, see Status filter.
Started in Click the Started in filter, and select the required filter option to display jobs based on the time frame they are initiated. For more information about the Started in filter options, see Started in filter.
Cancel Job Click Cancel Job to cancel a backup or restore job. For more information about how to cancel a job, see Cancel a job.

Cancel a job

This topic provides instructions for canceling a backup or restore job. 


  1. On the menu bar, click Jobs
  2. On the Jobs page, select the ongoing backup/restore/log request activity that you want to cancel, and click Cancel job.

Note: You cannot cancel defreeze  jobs.

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