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This topic describes the fields and actions on the Customers page. The Customers page provides information about the customers added to the Managed Services Center portal. 

Access Path

  1. Log in to the MSC portal.
  2. On the main toolbar of the MSC portal, click Customers.
    The Customers page appears with the list of customers added to the MSC portal.



Field Description

The following table lists the fields on the Service Plans page.

Field Description
Name The name of the customer's company.
Service Plan The service plan that is selected for the customer.

Storage Region

The region that the customer has selected for storing the backup data.

Customers can select multiple storage regions.

Workloads The workloads selected for backup.
Expiry The license expiry date.
Credit Quota The number of credit points allocated to the customer.
Effective Date The effective date from when the credit points are allocated to the customer.
Tenant Type The type of the tenant added such as Commercial or Evaluation.


The following table lists the actions that you can perform on the Customers page.

Action Description
Edit Edit customer details.
Add Customer Add a new customer.
Access Tenant Console Open Druva Console to view the data protection summary, current status of the service utilization, and storage growth for the selected tenant.
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