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View Service Plans page

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This topic describes the fields and actions on the Service Plan page. The Service Plan page provides information about the service plans configured into the Managed Services Center portal. 

Access Path

  1. Log in to the MSC portal.
    After successful verification and login, the Service Plans page appears with the list of plans created in the Managed Services Center portal.


Service Plans page

Field Description

The following table lists the fields on the Service Plans page.

Field Description
Name The name of the service plan.
Edition The edition of the service plan.
Workloads The workloads that are included with the service plan.


The following table lists the actions that you can perform on the Service Plans page.

Action Description
Edit Edit the service plan selected in the list.
Add Service Plan Create a new service plan.
Search service plan by name Search a service plan.
Filter service plans list Filter the service plans list.
Delete  Delete a service plan.
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