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About Managed Service Providers portal

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This is an Early Availability draft of the documentation. This documentation is not final and it will get updated until the General Availability of the feature.   

MSP (Managed Service Provider) is a web-based portal developed for Druva service providers. After partnering with Druva, service providers can access the new administrative console to centrally manage their service plans and customers.

The service providers added to the MSP portal can perform the following tasks:

Role-based Access Control

The MSP portal provides the following roles for an administrator to manage customers and service plans:

  • MSP Administrator- This administrator can manage all tasks in the MSP portal.
  • Tenant Administrator - This administrator can manage the tasks only for the assigned tenants.
  • Read-only Administrator  - This administrator has read-only access to limited pages in the MSP portal.

Note: Currently, only the MSP Administrator role is enabled in the MSP portal.

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