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Release notes

July 15, 2021

Fixed Issues

The following issue has been fixed in this release:

Issue Description


The Read-Only MSP Administrators could not access all MSP Events. This issue is now fixed.

June 22, 2021

Managed Services Center portal is now generally available!

Druva launches a brand new Managed Services Center (MSC) portal for Druva service providers to meet their data protection needs. By partnering up with Druva, service providers can now leverage Druva SaaS offerings and deliver best-in-class data protection solutions to their customers. 

The rich user interface of the Managed Services Center (MSC) portal enriches MSP Administrators to intuitively perform the following tasks:

  • Quickly create service plans based on the business needs and manage customers
  • Manage report and report subscriptions
  • Track credit and storage consumption
  • Facilitate role-based administration to effectively manage customers and service plans.
  • Manage events and alerts, and their subscriptions
  • Get insights into job activities for your configured workloads

For more information, see Managed Services Center

Customer action required: Contact the Druva Sales team to get started.

Known Issues

  • The Compliance Settings fields available on the Add Service Plan page are optional. However, the Cloud Push released on June 22, 2021, requires you to select the Workloads options while adding a service plan.
  • The Credit Quota field available on the Add Customer page is optional. However, the Cloud Push released on June 22, 2021, requires you to specify the credit quota while creating a customer.
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