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Failover page

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This topic describes the fields and actions on the Failover page. The Failover page provides instructions for launching failover.

Access Path

  1. On the Phoenix Management Console menu bar, click Manage Disaster Recovery.
    The Manage Disaster Recovery page displays a list of configured DR Plans.
  2. Click the DR plan that you want to edit.
    The DR Plan details page opens.
  3. Under the Summary tab, click Failover
    The Failover page opens.


Field description

The following table lists the fields on the Failover page.



Select Setup to Failover The failover setup options, such as Recovery or Test.  For more information about Recovery and Test failover option, see About Disaster Recovery Failover.
Select VMs to Failover The virtual machines for which you want to trigger failover.


The following table lists the actions on the Failover  page.

Action Description
Launch Click Launch to trigger failover for the selected virtual machines. For more information about launching failover for virtual machines, see Launch Disaster Recovery Failover.
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