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Add DR Plan page

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This topic describes the fields and actions on the Add DR Plan page. The Add DR Plan page provides instructions for creating a DR plan.

Access Path

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage Disaster Recovery
    The Manage Disaster Recovery page opens with a list of available DR plans.
  2. Click Create New DR Plan.
    The Add DR Plan page opens.

The Add DR Plan page consists of the following three tabs:

Replication Settings tab

The Replication Settings tab allows you to define the attributes such as the AWS account and region where you want to create DR copies for the virtual machines, schedule to update DR copies, and so on. 



Field Description

The following table lists the fields on the Replication Settings tab.



Plan Name The name of the DR plan that you want to create.
Description The description of the DR plan.

Replication Frequency

The frequency to create a new DR copy. Based on the frequency defined, Phoenix replicates the latest restore point available for the virtual machine from Phoenix storage to a corresponding DR copy that Phoenix creates in your AWS account. If there is already an existing DR copy present for a virtual machine (based on a previous restore point), it is replaced by the DR copy created for the latest available restore point.

The following are the available options in the drop-down list:

  • Immediately after backup: Phoenix starts creating a DR copy immediately after a successful backup.

  • Daily: Phoenix starts creating a DR copy every day at the selected time.

  • Weekly: Phoenix starts creating a DR copy every week at the selected time.
Start Time The time when you want Phoenix to start creating a DR copy. The Start Time list only appears if you select the Daily or Weekly option from the Replication Frequency drop-down list.

AWS Account

The account that is used to maintain the DR copy for the virtual machine. At the time of disaster, you can launch EC2 instance from this DR copy, in-turn spinning up to production in minutes.

Region The storage region where you want to create DR copies for your virtual machines.


The following table lists the actions on the Replication Settings tab.

Action Description
Next Click Next to go to the Select VMs tab to add virtual machines to the DR plan.

Select VMs tab

The Select VMs tab allows you select virtual machines from the registered vCenters or ESXi hosts and server groups.



Field Description

The following table lists the fields on the Select VMs tab.

Field/Action Description
Virtual Machine The name of the virtual machine that you can add to the DR plan.
vCenter/Hypervisor The vCenter or ESXi host registered with the virtual machine.
Administrative Group The administrative group associated with the virtual machine.


The following table lists the actions on the Select VMs tab.

Action Description
Prev Click Prev to go back to the Replication Settings tab. 
Next Click Next to go to the Failover Settings tab.

Failover Settings tab

The Failover Settings tab allows you to configure the failover settings for disaster recovery.



Field Description

The following table lists the fields on the Failover Settings tab.

Field/Action   Description
VPC The section of the AWS Cloud dedicated to your AWS account. You can launch the AWS resources, such as EC2 instances, in your virtual network.
Subnet The segment of the IP address range of a VPC to which you can attach the EC2 instances. A subnet groups the instances according to the security and operational needs.
Security Group A set of inbound and outbound network connections for the EC2 instance. A security group comprises a list of protocols, ports, and IP address ranges.


The following table lists the actions on the Failover Settings tab.

Action Description
Prev Click Prev to navigate to the Select VMs tab.
Save Click Save to save the details of the DR plan.
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