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Quick steps to set up Phoenix AWS proxy

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Phoenix AWS proxy is an Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance that runs a Phoenix service. It orchestrates copying data from the Phoenix backup storage to your AWS account and creates an AMI copy at a frequency specified in the DR plan. The Phoenix AWS proxy runs in the AWS account. Phoenix launches the proxy in the same AWS region where the backup storage for the virtual machine is located. The AMI instantiated for disaster recovery is created in the same region. 

Phoenix AWS proxy setup workflow

To set up Phoenix AWS proxy, you must first download the .json policies from the Phoenix portal. The policies are used to create IAM policy and VMimport policy on the AWS portal and establish trust relationship for VMimport role. After you create IAM policies and roles, you must retrieve the AMI ID based on the AWS region to launch the proxy. The following diagram depicts the workflow to set up Phoenix AWS proxy and the corresponding portal to perform the setup. 

AWS_Proxy__setup (1).png

The following table summarizes the steps to set up Phoenix AWS proxy.

Step Portal Description
Download Policies Phoenix portal Downloads policies that are used to create IAM Policy, and VMimport Policy, and establish trust relationship for VMimport Role in AWS.
Create IAM Policy and Roles AWS portal Creates IAM Policies and Roles. VMimport Policy defines the trusted permission attributes to import virtual machine images from your virtual environment to Amazon EC2, as AMIs. VMimport Role allows access to Amazon EC2 for creating AMI in your AWS account.  IAM Policies allow you to define permissions for users, groups, roles, and resources. IAM Role provides access capabilities to the AWS users. 
Get AMI ID Phoenix portal Retrieves AMI ID based on your AWS region.
Launch Phoenix AWS proxy AWS portal Launches Phoenix AWS proxy in the AWS region where virtual machines are backed up.
Register Phoenix AWS proxy AWS portal Registers and activates the Phoenix AWS proxy.