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Create VPC for AWS proxy deployment

This topic guides you on how to create an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud for deploying the Phoenix AWS proxy. 

Watch the following video to know more about how to prepare VPC for Phoenix AWS deployment.

Before you begin

Before you create a VPC, ensure you have read how disaster recovery works and what entities need to be created in the customer account. For more information, see How disaster recovery works.

How to create VPC for AWS proxy deployment

  1. Go to the AWS Management Console and click Services > CloudFormation.
    The CloudFormation page appears.
  2. In the Stacks section, click Create Stack

    Here, you can use a pre-configured template that you can download here. For more information, see Selecting a Stack Template.
  3. Click Next and you will be navigated to the Specify stack details page. Give a name to your stack. For more information about specifying the stack name and parameters, see Specifying Stack Name and Parameters.
  4. Click Next and you will now move on the Configure stack options page. For more information about setting your stack options and reviewing the stack details before creating it, see Setting AWS CloudFormation Stack Options and Reviewing Your Stack and Estimating Stack Cost on the AWS CloudFormation Console. Click Create Stack. This process may take a few minutes so grab a cup of tea or coffee.
  5. Review the newly created VPC by clicking Services > VPC. The VPC dashboard appears.
  6. Review subnets and availability zones: Select your VPC and click Subnets in the left pane to verify the subnets and availability zones. There should be two subnets in two different availability zones. 
  7. Review internet gateway: Click Internet Gateways in the left pane and then verify that an internet gateway is attached to your VPC. It’s important to verify this because the AWS proxy needs to communicate with the Phoenix Cloud and execute AWS REST APIs over HTTPS and this communication goes through the internet gateway.

Congratulations! Your VPC is ready to be used.

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