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View Snowball Edge Request Details page


This topic describes the fields and the actions on the Snowball Edge Request Details page. The Snowball Edge Request Details page provides information about the requests placed for seeding devices.

Access Path

  1. Log in to the Phoenix Management Console.
  2. On the menu bar, click All Organizations and click Manage > AWS Snowball Edge.
    The AWS Snowball Edge page appears with a list of seeding devices.
  3. In the Request ID column, click the corresponding request ID of the seeding device to view the details.
    The Snowball Edge Request Details page displays the request details as shown in the following screenshot:

Field Description

The following table describes the fields on the Snowball Edge Request Details page.



Request ID

The unique identification number generated once the request is placed through the Phoenix Management Console.

Requested on

The date on which the request for a Snowball Edge device is placed.

Snowball Edge ID

The unique job identification number generated while requesting for the Snowball Edge device.

Target AWS Region

The AWS Snowball Edge region selected for backing up the data.

Usable Capacity

Currently, AWS provides 80 TB of usable storage per 100 TB Snowball Edge device.

Shipping details

The shipping address for your request. This is where the requested device is delivered.

S3 Bucket

The AWS storage region where Phoenix stores the backed up data.


The status of the Snowball Edge device order. The various possible statuses are as follows:

  • Request Received
  • In transit to Customer
  • Delivered to Customer
  • Configured for Seeding
  • Ready to ship back
  • In transit to AWS
  • Copying Data to Cloud
  • Verifying Imported Data
  • Data Successfully Imported

For more details, refer to Order a Snowball Edge device.