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Configure Snowball Edge device

This article describes the process of configuring a Snowball Edge device.

Before you begin

Ensure that the Snowball Edge device is set up and activated.

 Seeding devices once configured cannot be reconfigured.


  1. Log in to the Phoenix Management Console.
  2. Select your organization on the menu bar and click Manage > Seeding Devices. The Manage Seeding Devices page appears. Delete_seeding_device1.PNG
    The Manage Seeding Devices page displays the following tabs: Unconfigured Devices and Configured Devices. The Unconfigured Devices tab displays the following fields:
    • Device Name: This field displays the name of the Snowball Edge device.
    • Date Added: This field displays the date of activation of the Snowball Edge device.
    • Activation Status: This field displays the status of activation of the Snowball Edge device. The values are Not activated and Activated.
    • Network Status: The status of the network; whether it’s connected or disconnected.
    • Action: The action Configure appears if the device is activated and Regenerate Token if not activated.

Note: You can select a seeding device and click Delete to remove it from the list.

  1. Click Configure in the Action column corresponding to the Device Name of the seeding device.  The Configure Seeding Device window appears and the following items are displayed on the screen:
    • The Exclude backup sets with first backup completed option
    • Search box to search for a resource name or administrative group
    • Resource Name
    • Backup Set Type
    • Backup Content
    • Administrative Group
  2. Select the backup sets that you want to attach to the seeding device or select the checkbox next to Resource Name to select all the backup sets and click Done.  Your device is configured and should appear in the list of Configured Devices.
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