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Key considerations and limitations

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This topic lists the key considerations and limitations of using the Snowball Edge device.

Snowball Edge device is not available for Druva GovCloud.

Key considerations

Before you set up the Snowball Edge device for seeding data, review the following key points.

  • Only a cloud administrator can place a request to order for the Snowball Edge device from AWS. The organization and group administrators cannot order the Snowball Edge device.
  • While activating the seeding device using the activation command, ensure that you enter the correct snowball ID. The snowball ID must match the job ID specified on the Snowball Edge device.
    The Reference No. field on the shipping label of the Snowball Edge device displays the job ID. The following screenshot depicts a sample shipping label of the Snowball Edge device.
    The long job ID in the above label has rolled over to the second line.
  • By default, a single 100 TB Snowball Edge device has 80 TB of usable storage. Depending on the source data size, you can request for the desired number of the Snowball Edge devices.
  • You can order the Snowball Edge device only for the regions where Druva supports AWS and AWS provides the support for Snowball Edge. For example, if Snowball Edge is supported in the UK but if Druva does not support the UK datacenter, then you cannot order a Snowball Edge device in the UK region. For more information about the AWS regions that Druva supports, refer to the Supported AWS Regions page.
  • If the Snowball Edge device is in transit to AWS, the restores fail until the data is imported to the .
  • For backups that are already in progress, the data continues getting transferred to the Cloud. For subsequent backups, the data is transferred to the Snowball Edge device. To avoid data from getting transferred to the Cloud, you must cancel the ongoing backup jobs for these backup sets.
  • Do not delete your local copies of the transferred data until data is imported to AWS and the restore operation is verified.


The following are the limitations of using Snowball Edge for backing up your data to the Cloud:

  • Druva does not support the Snowball Edge service to back up data from SQL servers and Oracle databases.
  • Once a request for ordering the Snowball Edge device is placed successfully, a cloud administrator cannot cancel the request from the Management Console. To cancel the order request, contact Support.
  • One Snowball Edge device can be used for backing up data from only one organization.
  • You can use the Snowball Edge device for seeding the data at the organization where the Snowball Edge device is originally shipped. AWS strictly prohibits the movement of the same device across organizations.​​​​​​
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