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Monitor Phoenix CloudCache usage

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The Manage CloudCache page provides information and graphs about the CloudCache usage, the current version of the CloudCache instance, and the estimated un-sync data for the configured CloudCache instances. You can regenerate the activation token, configure the CloudCache instances, and upgrade the CloudCache instances that you have configured.

On the Manage CloudCache page, you can view the information on the following tabs:

Summary tab

On the Summary tab, you can view the information and graphs about the Phoenix CloudCache usage.

You can view the following graphs:

Note: To refresh the graphs, refresh the page. 

Total Usage

The Total Usage section displays the graph for the total size allocated to the CloudCache and the size consumed.


Configuration Overview

The Configuration Overview section displays the graph for the total number of backup sets and virtual machines configured through the CloudCache and configured to the Druva Cloud.


Size Breakup by CloudCache (Used/Allocated)

The Size Breakup by CloudCache section displays the graph for the breakup of the licensed size of the Phoenix CloudCache for all the Phoenix CloudCache instances and the size consumed by each Phoenix CloudCache instance.


The gray bar represents the total licensed size of CloudCache and the blue bar represents the size consumed. The number above the bar indicates the size of the Phoenix CloudCache used against the licensed size.

Note: You can scroll the list to view the graphical representation of the size breakup for all instances of the Phoenix CloudCache.

Top 5 CloudCache Usage (Last 30 days)

The Top 5 CloudCache Usage section displays the graph for the average usage per Phoenix CloudCache instance versus the average size of the Phoenix CloudCache used in the last 30 days.

You can move the mouse pointer over the graph to view the usage of all the CloudCache instances on a particular day.


Unconfigured CloudCache tab

On the Unconfigured CloudCache tab, you can view the list of CloudCache instances that you have to configure or the instances for which you need to regenerate the activation token.

The instances of the Phoenix CloudCache that you activate appear on the Unconfigured CloudCache tab. The Action column prompts you for performing necessary tasks. For example, if an entry in the Action column is Configure, you must configure that instance of the Phoenix CloudCache.

Note: In the Action column, the entry for all the Phoenix CloudCache that are configured appears as "Regenerate Token". To know more, see Regenerate activation token.

Configured CloudCache tab

On the Configured CloudCache tab, you can view the list of configured CloudCache instances. The Estimated Un-Synced Data column displays the amount of data on the CloudCache server that is yet to be synced to the Druva Cloud.

The Version column displays the current version of the CloudCache instance.