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View the Backups page

Overview Edit section

This page provides a list of backup jobs that Phoenix runs in your account. It helps you get an account-level insight into the backups that you have taken. 

Access path Edit section

  1. On the Phoenix Management Console menu bar, select an Organization from the drop-down list.

  2. Click Protect > AWS Resources. The AWS Resources page appears.

  3. On the AWS Resources page, select your account

  4. Click Backups on the left pane.



Field description Edit section

The following table describes the fields on the backups page for your account.



Backup ID

The unique identifier of the backup job that Phoenix creates.


The type of backup that is created after the backup job. For example, an AMI of the EC2 instance that is backed up. 


The region where your resource resides.


The size of the backup data in GB. 


The state of the backup. The states are as follows:

  • Pending: The backup job is in progress.

  • Available (for AMI): The backup job is complete.

  • Completed (for snapshot): The backup job is complete.


It gives an approximate amount of time passed since the time the backup job was created. The precise timestamp of when the backup was created can be viewed by hovering your mouse on it.

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