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Druva Documentation

Backup policies page

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This page lists all the backup policies created for the AWS resources and provides options to create a new backup policy or delete existing backup policies. 

Access path

  1. On the Phoenix Management Console menu bar, select an organization from the Organizations drop-down list.
  2. Click Protect > AWS Workloads. The AWS Resources page appears.
  3. On the left pane, click Backup Policies.



Field description

Field Description
Policy Name Name of the backup policy.
AWS Account The account for which the policy is created. 
Backup Type The type of backup created after a backup job is complete. For example, an EC2 instance can have an AMI created for it after a backup job. 
Backup Schedule The frequency of the backup job. For example, daily, weekly,  or monthly based on the settings you specify in the backup policy.
Retention The expiry of backup. For example, if it states 2 hours, then the AMI of the EC2 instance is deleted after two hours of its creation.


Field Description
Create Backup Policy Use this option to launch window that lets you create a backup policy.  
Delete Use this option to delete selected backup policies.