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AWS Accounts page

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This topic provides instructions for managing AWS accounts which includes adding new AWS accounts, viewing and updating existing AWS accounts, deleting AWS accounts, and reconfiguring AWS  using the AWS Accounts page.

Access Path

To manage the AWS accounts,

  1.  On the Phoenix Management Console menu bar, click Protect > AWS  Resources. The page with a list of existing added AWS accounts appears.
  2.  From the Select Account dropdown, select the desired AWS account to view and edit its details.



Field Description

The following table lists the fields on the AWS Accounts page.

Field Description
AWS  Accounts Displays the total number of existing AWS  accounts.
Account Name Displays the name of the selected AWS account.
Account ID Displays the corresponding unique ID for the selected AWS account name.
# Protected Resources Displays the number of the AWS resources that have the backup policy applied out of the total AWS resources available in the selected AWS account.
Last Backup Status Displays the statistics of the last backup job based on the status. The status is displayed as follows:
  • SuccessfulBackup.png  Successful
  • BackupFailed.png   Failed 
  • clipboard_ec30d5e63e07281e94c7a8d660de016f4.png   Never Backed Up


The following table lists the actions on the AWS Accounts page.

Field Description
Add AWS Account Click the button to create and add a new AWS account that you want Phoenix to manage.
Edit Click the button to edit and update the Account Name of the selected AWS account.
Search by AWS Account Name Use this field to search for a specific AWS  account. Type in the AWS account name to begin your search.

Click the button to delete the selected AWS account and its resources from your organization.

Refresh icon  clipboard_ed306d838c1e9d8fa893b7ccc754ec26a.png Click the clipboard_e27a3659221c2c426caba50f4176f9370.png icon to sync the resources list on Phoenix with the resources running in the AWS account.