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AWS Resources page

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The AWS Resources page gives you an insight into your AWS accounts, backup policies, and jobs. You can use this page to get a detailed overview, add, delete, or modify AWS accounts, backup policies, and jobs. 

Access Path 

  1.  On the Phoenix Management Console menu bar, select an organization from the drop-down list of organizations.
  2. Click Protect > AWS  Resources. The AWS Resources page appears. 



Field Description 

The following table lists the fields that appear on the left pane of the AWS Resources page.

Field Description
Select  Account A drop-down list that enlists the AWS accounts that are configured with your organization. You can select an AWS account from the list and upon doing so, the resources page associated with that account opens.
AWS Accounts Shows the AWS Accounts page that you can use to manage your AWS accounts.
Backup Policies Shows the Backup Policies page that you can use to manage your backup policies.
Jobs Shows the Jobs page that you can use to manage your jobs.