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► Which AWS resources can be backed up using Phoenix?
Currently, you can use Phoenix to back up and restore Amazon EC2 instances.
► Where do AMI backups get stored?
Your AMIs are stored in Amazon S3. AWS uses the S3 infrastructure to store your AMIs, but you cannot access them while they reside in S3. Phoenix simply allows you to manage your AWS experience more easily from a centralized, easy-to-use platform. 
► How many Phoenix credits will be deducted when we back up an EC2 instance by using Phoenix?
The answer is zero. This is because your backups are stored in your AWS account itself.
► Can I add tags to my backups?
Yes, you can! When you create a new backup policy, you can add tags to the AMI that you are creating.
► Do manual backups created for the AWS resources honor the backup policy settings such as retention and cross-account copy?
No, manual backups do not honor the backup policy settings.
► What will be the retention of the manual backups of the AWS resources created by the Phoenix?
It would be infinite.
► Will I experience downtime during backup of AWS EC2 instances by using Phoenix?
You will only experience downtime if you choose to reboot while creating AMIs. While creating AMIs, you are given an option to reboot the instance. If you choose to skip rebooting the instance when creating an AMI, it would not have the latest data. However, if you choose to perform the reboot, your instance would be temporarily unavailable while the AMI is being created.
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