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Quick steps to back up EC2 instances

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Perform the following steps to backup EC2 instances

Task Description Where to perform the steps?
  1. Get started with Phoenix
  1. Log in to the Phoenix Management Console with the credentials that you received in the invitation email.
  2. Create administrators.
  3. Create organizations.
  4. Set up Single Sign-On (SSO), if required.
  5. Log out of the Phoenix Management Console and log in using the updated settings.

For more information, see Get Started with Phoenix.

Note: Only a cloud admin or an org admin can register an AWS account and configure AWS resources for backup.

  • Phoenix Management Console
  1. Register your AWS account with Phoenix

Phoenix requires an IAM role to access workloads running in your account. Use the Druva provided CloudFormation template to grant to attach the IAM role to Phoenix. 

For more information, see Register an AWS account with Phoenix.

  • AWS console
  1. Configure workloads for backup

After the AWS account is registered with Phoenix, you can configure resources for backup. When you configure a resource for backup, you attach a backup policy to the resource that specifies when the backup job is run and where the snapshot is stored. For steps and details on AWS resource that you can backup, see Configure AWS resource for backup.

  • Phoenix Management Console

After you configure the AWS resource with Phoenix, Phoenix runs backups of the resource based on the backup policy and stores the snapshots in the specified regions of your AWS account. 

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