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About Phoenix for AWS resources

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Phoenix unifies and simplifies day-to-day data management of your AWS resources. This, in turn, allows you to have unified data protection and management for all your workload types, regardless of deployment models. You can manage aspects of the backup lifecycle across multiple regions and AWS accounts. Let's take a look at the outline of this workflow.


By using the Phoenix Management Console, an administrator creates backup policies for your AWS resources. These backup policies specify the backup schedule, snapshot retention (in your AWS account), and the backup location. The backup location is the same region where your workloads reside. In addition, you can specify a region and an account that is different from where AWS resources currently reside. 

Here’s more to this. We also give you the option of creating and applying multiple backup policies to each EC2 instance. This gives you more flexibility in managing your snapshots across the same or different regions and with varying schedules.

Note: You can use Phoenix to backup and restore Amazon EC2 instances only at the moment.


AWS account

Your AWS account that you register with Phoenix to back up and restore your AWS workloads. 

IAM role

An IAM role lets Phoenix access your AWS account and create backups of resources running in it. To know more about IAM roles, see IAM roles.

Phoenix Management Console

Phoenix Management Console is a web-based, unified console that provides complete visibility and a high-level understanding of the health status of the AWS resources that you have registered.  You can globally view and configure resources for backup, restore, and archival. It provides Phoenix administrators with the ability to:

  • Register and configure AWS resources for backup and restore

  • Control Phoenix activities by defining the policy for backup schedule, and backup copy location and retention

  • Monitor backup and restore jobs


  • Simplified backup and recovery of AWS resources

  • Cross region and cross-account backups

  • Phoenix has no access to the data of the backups. Phoenix can only orchestrate backup and restore jobs based on your backup policies. The resulting backups are stored in your account.

Use cases

As a Phoenix administrator:

  • You can protect your AWS resources using a single pane of glass.

  • You can discover all AWS resources within an AWS account and protect them.

In this article, we touched upon the essence of this feature and sought to give you a glance into how it works. Read on to get more insight and information about protecting your AWS resources.