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View SAP HANA job details

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The Job details page includes information about the selected job, progress, and complete logs. Click the required job ID in the Job ID column to view specific job details on the All Jobs page.

Job Details 

The Details tab displays the following information: 




Job Details

Job Type

The type of operation. For a backup job, the Job Type field displays Backup.


The name of the database for which the job is triggered. You can click the database name to view its details.


The name of the SAP HANA System that this database belongs to.

Resource Type


Nodes in Backup

The number of nodes used for this backup. 

Backup ID

The unique identifier read from SAP HANA.

Start Time

The time when the job execution starts.

End Time

The time when the job execution completes.


The status of the job. For more information, see Job Status.

Error Code

The error code is displayed if the backup or restore job fails. You can click the error code to open the troubleshooting documentation.

Error Message

The error message is displayed if the job fails.

Data Transfer

Data Transferred to Cloud

The volume of data backed up to Druva Cloud.

Backup Duration

The total time taken to upload data to the Druva Cloud. Backup duration excludes the estimation time, network retry time, and waiting for retry time.

Backup Speed

The rate at which the source data is scanned for backup.

Bandwidth Consumed

The bit rate to transfer data to the Druva Cloud.

Environment Details

Network Retry Duration

The total time spent in the network retries. It represents the cumulative of all network session duration.

# Network Retries

The number of network retry attempts made within a job session.


Logs Requested on

The date and time on which the Log Request job is initiated.