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Upgrade Hybrid Workload agent

Hybrid Workloads Editions: File:/tick.png Business File:/cross.png Enterprise File:/tick.png Elite

You can request an auto-upgrade of he Hybrid Workloads agent to the latest version in a single click from the Hybrid Workloads Management Console. Alternatively, you can also manually upgrade the Hybrid Workloads agent.

Auto upgrade Edit section

  1. Log in to the Hybrid Workloads Management Console.

  2. Click Protect > SAP HANA. If the All Organizations menu is enabled, select an organization and click Protect > SAP HANA.

  3. Click the Registered Nodes tab.

  4. In the Agent Version column, you can view the current status of each Hybrid Workloads agent for SAP HANA.


You will see an icon next to the version of the agent installed. See the following table for what all these icons mean.






The current version is the latest version available.



The current version is not upgradable to the latest version through the Enterprise Workloads Management Console. 

Upgrade scheduled


An upgrade is scheduled.

Upgrade in progress RunningGreyOutline.png An upgrade is in progress. 



The current version is upgradable to the latest available version.

  1. Select one or more Hybrid Workloads agent that you want to upgrade, click the more button, and select Upgrade.

  2. On the confirmation dialog box, click Yes.

If the auto upgrade fails, you can manually upgrade Hybrid Workloads agent.

  1. Download the latest Hybrid Workloads agent from Druva Downloads.
  2. Log in to the SAP HANA server where you want to upgrade the agent.
  3. Run the following command to upgrade the agent.

rpm -Uvh <filename>

Replace the <filename> with the filename of the agent you downloaded. For example:

rpm –Uvh EnterpriseWorkloads-SAP-HANA-7.0.0-264137-x86_64.rpm

  • If the Hybrid Workloads agent restarts during the upgrade, you must manually upgrade or roll back the Hybrid Workloads agent version.

  • After triggering the update, if you have any ongoing backup and restore jobs, the jobs will fail after the upgrade.

  • All the backup, restore, and delete jobs will fail during the upgrade.

  • The upgrade rollback fails if the old version is not on the Hybrid Workloads agent server. In this scenario, you must manually upgrade or roll back the Hybrid Workloads agent.