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Druva Documentation

Oracle Direct to Cloud FAQs

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► What type of backups does Druva perform on Oracle databases?
The first backup of your databases is a full backup. Thereafter, Druva performs an incremental backup. Additionally, Druva also supports archive log backups of Oracle databases. For more information, see Backup methods.
► Does Druva support both on-premise and cloud infrastructure to backup and recover Oracle Server?
Yes, Druva supports backup and restore of Oracle Servers running on the on-premise physical and virtual infrastructure, as well as cloud infrastructure such as Amazon EC2, Azure VMs, Google Compute Engines, and so on.
► How does Druva protect the Oracle workloads on Microsoft Azure?
Druva supports agent-based backup for databases that enables you to leverage Oracle agent and deploy it in any of the supported Operating Systems on an Azure VM and protect these workloads. Configuration and backup/restore workflows remain the same whether data is located on-premise or on any Cloud like Azure. Another added advantage is that you can restore the data to any target residing either in the customer’s data center or private or public cloud.
Databases like Oracle on Azure VM instances can be backed up using the agent-based backup method.
► How do I configure Oracle databases for backup?
To know how you can configure Oracle databases for backup, see Configure databases for backup.
► What databases does Druva back up?
Druva allows you to back up container databases, pluggable databases, and standalone databases.
► What components can I restore from a database?
Druva not only allows you to restore a complete database but also enables DBAs to recover individual database elements, such as data files, control files, system parameter file, archive logs, and metadata from the downloaded backup data.
► Can I reconfigure a database for backup?
Yes, you can reconfigure a database for backup by changing the backup policy or administrative group associated with the database. To know more, see Reconfigure database.
► Can I restore my database to a server in another organization under Druva?
Organizations in Druva are independent entities by design. Druva does not have a functionality that allows inter-Organizational restore.
► Can I restore my database to ASM storage?
Yes. To restore a database to ASM storage,  you must set custom spfile parameters on the Restore wizard on the console. For more information, see Restore database to alternate server.
► How do I reconnect my Oracle Server host to the Druva Cloud?
The Hybrid Workloads agent may get disconnected from the Druva Cloud because of the following reasons:
  • Druva service on the Oracle Server host is stopped.

    Resolution: Start the Druva service on the Hybrid Workloads agent using the service PhoenixOracle restart command.

  • Hybrid Workloads agent is uninstalled from the Oracle Server host.

    Resolution: Install or re-register the Hybrid Workloads agent on the Oracle Server host.

  • Hybrid Workloads agent upgrade on the Oracle Server host is in progress.

    Resolution: Wait for the agent upgrade to complete.

  • Network drop on the Oracle Server host.

    Resolution: Check the network connection on the Oracle Server host.

  • The Oracle database instance is offline.
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