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Oracle Direct to Cloud FAQs

► What type of backups does Druva Phoenix perform on Oracle databases?
The first backup of your databases is a full backup. Thereafter, Druva Phoenix performs an incremental backup. Additionally, Druva Phoenix also supports archive log backups of Oracle databases. For more information, see Backup methods.
► How do I configure Oracle databases for backup?
To know how you can configure Oracle databases for backup, see Configure databases for backup.
► What databases does Druva Phoenix back up?
Druva Phoenix allows you to back up container databases, pluggable databases, and standalone databases.
► What components can I restore from a database?
Druva Phoenix not only allows you to restore a complete database but also enables DBAs to recover individual database elements, such as data files, control files, system parameter file, archive logs, and metadata from the downloaded backup data.
► Can I reconfigure a database for backup?
Yes, you can reconfigure a database for backup by changing the backup policy or administrative group associated with the database. To know more, see Reconfigure database.
► Can I restore my database to a server in another organization under Druva Phoenix?
Organizations in Druva Phoenix are independent entities by design. Druva Phoenix does not have a functionality that allows inter-Organizational restore.
► How do I reconnect my Oracle Server host to the Druva Cloud?
The Phoenix agent may get disconnected from the Druva Cloud because of the following reasons:
  • Druva Phoenix service on the Oracle Server host is stopped.

    Resolution: Start the Druva Phoenix service on the Phoenix agent using the service PhoenixOracle restart command.

  • Phoenix agent is uninstalled from the Oracle Server host.

    Resolution: Install or re-register the Phoenix agent on the Oracle Server host.

  • Phoenix agent upgrade on the Oracle Server host is in progress.

    Resolution: Wait for the agent upgrade to complete.

  • Network drop on the Oracle Server host.

    Resolution: Check the network connection on the Oracle Server host.

  • The Oracle database instance is offline.
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