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Oracle database backup workflow

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This article explains how data flows during the Oracle database backup.

Backup workflow

The following diagram depicts the data flow at the time of backing up Oracle databases.


Step Operation

Step 1

A backup request is initiated and forwarded to the Druva Phoenix Oracle agent. Druva Phoenix checks if the Phoenix agent is running. 

  • If the agent is running, Druva Phoenix performs the backup operation.
  • If the agent is not running, Druva Phoenix performs the backup operation based on the type of backup job.
    • For a manually triggered backup job, Druva Phoenix fails the backup request.
    • For a scheduled job, Druva Phoenix waits until the expiry window of the backup request, else fails the backup request

Step 2

Druva Phoenix determines the type of backup.

If you or another administrator initiates the first backup, Druva Phoenix performs a full backup. All subsequent backups triggered by administrators are incremental backups. Druva Phoenix also performs archive log backups based on the settings configured to back up archive logs.

Step 3

Phoenix agent uses the configured backup settings to create corresponding RMAN scripts. Phoenix agent executes the RMAN script to create a snapshot.

Phoenix agent validates if snapshots are created successfully.

Step 4

Phoenix agent estimates the data files to back up.

Step 5

Phoenix agent backs up data using the Oracle RMAN and streams the deduplicated backup data directly to the Druva Cloud.

After the transfer completes, the agent deletes the Oracle snapshot.

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