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Troubleshoot common scenarios

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This topic lists the scenarios that you might frequently encounter while executing backup and restore for File servers.

Hybrid Workloads agent is unable to create VSS recovery point

Resolution: If you are using Microsoft native VSS, ensure that the VSS service is running. You can access Windows Task Manager and verify that the status of Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) service is running.

If you are using third-party VSS provider, ensure that you have configured Hybrid Workloads agents to recognize the third-party VSS provider. For more information, see Configure Hybrid Workloads agent to recognize a VSS provider.

Discrepant current source details for Windows 2012 File server

Resolution: Druva supports backups and restores of the data deduplication-enabled volumes on Windows 2012 File server and later. If you have enabled the data de-duplication feature on your server and observe any disparity between the total used space on the server and the current source size displayed on the Servers details page, run the following Windows PowerShell commands.

Get-DedupVolume | format-list

Backup fails for shared network drives mounted as a nested folder

If a network drive or a shared drive is mounted as a folder within another folder on a computer, Hybrid Workloads agent fails to recognize it and its backup fails. 

Resolution: To back up a  network drive, mount the drive as a shared drive on your computer and ensure that the Hybrid Workloads agent recognizes it. 

Backup completed with errors

The following table lists the error messages that you may encounter upon the completion of backup and their corresponding details and resolution.

Error message Description and/or resolution
Failed to read encrypted file Hybrid Workloads agent does not support backup of encrypted files. The admin users can exclude encrypted files from the backup.
Failed to open file If an application has an exclusive lock, then Hybrid Workloads agent does not back up the file. 
Failed to read at offset This is a generic OS error and indicates that the file might be corrupt. Check file system integrity.
File/Folder inaccessible during estimation Usually, this error comes up for temporary files and indicates that the files were removed during the backup cycle from their location. The admin users can exclude temporary files from the backup.

File Server backup job behavior due to
VM recovery points

If a customer reverts to a {{rpoint) of a VM, then a full scan will be performed to prevent any loss of data. This operation will take more time, as it is performing a full scan.

Job logs show socket error

Issue: Job logs show socket error (error number 10060) while creating the connection between the client and Phoenix server and cause multiple issues. The following error is displayed:
socket error while create_connection with Error 10060

Cause: Network issue, possibly related to firewall.

Resolution: For more information, see KB.

File Server backup is not progressing

Issue: After upgrading the agent to the latest version, the File Server backup is not progressing.

Description: This issue can occur because of self-signed certificate. The following error is displayed:

"Failed to create backup agent" error="x509: certificate signed by unknown authority".

Resolution: Ensure you have no self-signed certificate, which can block the traffic. To verify whether there is any self-signed certificate, run the following command:

openssl s_client -showcerts -connect

The output contains the following verification errors in the case of any self-signed certificate:

verify error:num=19:self signed certificate in certificate chain
verify return:1

SSL handshake has read 5808 bytes and written 492 bytes
Verification error: self signed certificate in certificate chain