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Reconfigure a File server

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This topic provides instructions to reconfigure a server. You can change the backup set attached to the server to reconfigure it for backup. 

When you replace the backup set associated with the server, the content rule and the backup policy that the server follows also changes. Server backups follow the schedule defined in the backup policy of the new backup sets attached to the server. The corresponding recovery points belonging to the previous backup set are not deleted. However, in case of common profiles present in the old and new backup sets, the recovery points are retained.


  • You cannot change the storage at the time of reconfiguring a server. 
  • You cannot change a backup set for a disabled server.​

To change the backup set associated with a server, you must first delete the backup set attached with the File server and associate the server to a new backup set on the Servers details page. 


  1. Log on to Management Console. 
  2. Select the workload from the Protect menu. Note that if the All Organizations menu is enabled, you have to first select an organization and then select the workload.
  3. In the Registered Servers page, click the server that you want to reconfigure. This brings up the server details page. The lower pane of the server details page lists all the configured backup sets for that server. Click a backup set to view the backup set details. In the backup set details page, click more options next to Restore, and click Delete. In the Confirmation dialog box, click Continue.
  4. The backup set associated with the server is now deleted.

Note: Deleting a backup set deletes all recovery points associated with the backup. 

Repeat this step to delete all backup sets associated with the server. Once all the backup sets are deleted from a server, its Configuration Status changes to Unconfigured.

  1.  In the left pane, click Registered Servers. In the right pane, select the server whose configuration status is now Unconfigured, and click Create File Backup Set. Refer to Configure registered servers for backup to configure a new backup set for the server.